Endevir's git server

Welcome to an open git repository server!

On this server you can see and follow all my open-source projects, or register and use this platform to place and maintain your own projects.

There are still no limitations on public/private repositories number, neither on their size.

According to the fact, that this site (as well as all other sites on gi1dor.ru domain) is developed and maintained by me mostly in educational purposes, I cannot guarantee 100% uptime and stability of this server. By the way, backups of all repositories (and whole hard drive) are created frequently, so there's a very little chance that your data could be destroyed or corrupted. Any questions or suggestions you can send me by e-mail: e1.gi1dor@gmail.com

This site is based on Gogs project (gogs.io), which has similar UI and features as github.com site has.